Laser Blanking

Laser cutting direct from coil stock provides a fast and flexible approach to blanking that is well-suited for production environments running multiple blank profiles and mixed material types. The systems can handle coil stock up to 2.1 m wide in any length, and can process aluminum, mild steel, advanced high-strength steels, materials for surface sensitive panels as well as structural components.

laser blanking

LB 01

Manufacturer – Laser Cell: LaserCoil
Manufacturer – Feed: Automatic Feed
Laser Source: (2) IPG 6KW Fiber Lasers
Min Gauge Steel: 0.020
Max Gauge Steel: 0.098
Min Gauge Aluminum: 0.020
Max Gauge Aluminum: 0.118
Line Speed – FPM: 225
Yield Strength Max Mpa: 980
Surface Quality: Class 1 – Class 2


Cold Roll
Electro-Galvanized Zinc/ Alloy

Entry End

Min ID: 20
Max ID: 24
Min OD: 24
Max OD: 96
Min Width: 15.75
Max Width: 84
Max Weight: 80,000
Winding: Over / Under
Reel Type: Self-Centering Dual Stub

Exit End

Min Length: 8
Max Length: 168
Min Width: 15.75
Max Width: 84
Max Weight: 39,600

Blank Types

Configured: Yes
Nested: Yes
Rectangles: Yes
Squares: Yes
Parallelograms: Yes
1 or 2-sided Trapezoids: Yes

Leveler: Cassette Style 19 roll / 6 high
Steel: up to 980 Mpa YS (see leveler charts)
Aluminum: up to 200 Mpa YS (see leveler charts)

Robotic Stackers

Robot Manufacturer: Kuka
Model: KR 180 R3100
Max Stack Height including pallet: 28″
Max Weight (including tool): 390


Oiling Capability: None
Oil Measurement Equipment: Infralytic, P-Fund

Thickness Gauge: Yes
Inspection Area: LED Lights
One Side Inspection: Top Side
Cleaning Section: Wandres Sword Brush Micro Cleaner